Saturday, February 28, 2015

AIKEN 2015 - Starting Over

It has been a while since this has been updated... But why not start again now. A lot has happened over the year between the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. Instead of recapping anything, we will just start where we are now. With Zara not in the picture for this year, Geoni will take over as the top kid in the barn. He has some big shoes to fill, to say the least. Tracey and working student Emily Sixbey came down to Aiken, SC around the end of January to get a jump start on the eventing season with the horses. We brought 6 down: Tracey's "Geoni," Erin R. Huffer's "Joe," Darby Hewes' "Skogen" and "Benson," Jeannette Lazzaro's "Reggie," and Emily Sixbey's "Kenny." Geoni had goals to be good at preliminary level, and move up to intermediate level, both of which we have accomplished. Although his run at Pine Top, his first intermediate, wasn't ideal, I always have to keep in mind that he is still very young, and has a lot of experience to gain at the upper levels. He came out this season with a great feeling around the cross country, which is a great step in the right direction. His dressage is steadily improving, and his stadium is our current hiccup. I believe he will come around and show true success at intermediate with more practice, just as he did for preliminary.
Going from a horse that could do the intermediate level in her sleep, to a horse that really needs my help has been a big adjustment for me, and will teach me a lot as a rider. I am very excited for the challenges, ups and downs, and adventures for myself, Geoni, and our team for 2015.