Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well clearly I haven't updated this in a while! Life has been very busy between returning to college for my senior year, working and eventing every weekend. One major update it I now have a full website! I will still be updating the blog after events, but lots of information about me and my horses and services can be found on, please check it out!

As far as the rest of 2010 eventing for me, we had quite a few achievements. Aces Zoomin' Dude and I successfully moved up to intermediate level and completed a few events at that level in the Summer and Fall. Unfortunately Zoomer suffered a minor knee injury, causing a scratch from the Plantation Field CIC** and the Fairhill Internaitonal CCI**. He returned to preliminary in the fall and suffered a mild rebow to his right front. He will be resting until at least April of 2011, and hopefully make a full recovery and return to competition for the Summer or Fall.

Zara also made a big move up, form training level to preliminary level this fall. After ending on our dressage score at almost all events at the training level and finally getting our dressage complications a little more organized, we moved up at the challenging Fall Waredaca Horse Trials. Our division there consisted of Phillip Dutton on 7 horses, Sally Cousins on 3, as well as many other professionals and myself on Zoomer. Zara proved she was prepared for the challenge, ending on her dressage score of 35ish and placing 8th, just behind 6 Phillip Dutton horses and 1 Sally horse! She also completed the Rubicon Farm horse trials, though with slighly less finesse in the sticky footing. We have big hopes for 2011, with a few trips to horse trials in Aiken planned and our eyes on a CCI* this Spring.

I also acquired a horse by the wonderful stallion Salute the Truth by Steuart Pittman in the Fall. After competing in a few local combined test competitions and winning each at the novice level on great dressage scores, Brilliant Truth, or Baby, returned to recognized eventing at 2 novice level horse trials this Fall, ending on her dressage score at the Morven Park Fall horse trials. Baby is offered for sale this Spring, and will also be competing in Aiken and area II until sold.

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