Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jumper Show at the PG Equestrian Center

Today Zara and I went to our second show outing of the year and first legitimate jumper show and we both returned very pleased!! We pre-entered the show for Sunday, but on a whim Friday decided it looked like it would be a beautiful day on Saturday and loaded up this morning, no sure what to expect on arrival. We decided to enter the three 3' classes, time first jump off, power and speed and the addback, as well as the three 3'6" classes of the same type. With a decent amount of competition, Zara excelled in the 3' division, bringing home a 2nd with one rail, 1st with a clear round and 3rd with one rail(of course in the money class!). Overall, I was very pleased with our first real jumper division. Once we finished these classes, the show moved on to the 3'3" classes, which we were skipping, but then we discovered that there were no entries besides us in the 3'6" class. We decided to take on one of the 3'3" classes and add the 3'9" classes since the 3'6" would be silly to compete in alone. Zara completed the complex course at 3'3" perfectly with no rails, winning the class. We then competed in the two 3'9" classes, with 2 rails in the first class and a clean run in the second, winning both. What a good mare! Maybe she's finally accepted the fact that this stuff can be fun without having to drag me around courses; she was also much more settled standing in and outside of the trailer for tacking. With such a good day today, we decided to scratch the day for tomorrow, since it looked like it would be chilly and rainy anyways. The footing was great today, but would probably be very slick in the rain. Too bad I don't want to become a show jumper, I think Zara would do fantastic with it! Hopefully she will be fantastic with eventing this season as well.

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