Monday, April 5, 2010

A Weekend Off for the Zoomer and Dressage for Zara

Over this Easter weekend, I decided to head to Rehoboth in the beautiful weather from Friday evening until Saturday, and then headed home for Saturday until Sunday. In my absence, Courtney Amritt-Johnson worked Zara to figure out some training issues we've been having, such as leaning into my left hand and disrespecting my left leg. Luckily, Courtney's long legs can often help a great deal, along with her other training techniques she practices on Zara to help her balance and relax in her dressage work. Hopefully, Courtney's work, along with a few lessons this week will help enough to give us a great test this weekend at the Marlborough Unrecognized Event at the Training/Novice division. Since I didn't have anything extremely exciting to report in this blog, check out the dressage video from my last event with Zoomer from October 2009.


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